I’m Selling 16 Domains Including datascienceworkshops dot com

Jeroen Janssens
Jan 10, 2023 • 1 min read

Because I’ve closed my company Data Science Workshops, I don’t need its 16 domains names any more. They’ve served me well over the years and I hope to find a new owner who can put them to good use.

They are as follows:

  1. https://datascienceworkshops.com
  2. https://datascienceworkshops.nl
  3. https://datascienceworkshops.be
  4. https://datascienceworkshops.uk
  5. https://datascienceworkshops.de
  6. https://datascienceworkshops.eu
  7. https://datascienceworkshops.net
  8. https://datascienceworkshops.org
  9. https://datascienceworkshops.info
  10. https://datascienceworkshops.co.uk
  11. https://datascienceworkshop.com
  12. https://datascienceworkshop.nl
  13. https://datasciencework.shop
  14. https://data-science-workshop.nl
  15. https://data-science-workshops.com
  16. https://data-science-workshops.nl

If you’re interested in purchasing these domains please email me at jeroen@jeroenjanssens.com.

– Jeroen

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