I’m Selling 16 Domains Including datascienceworkshops dot com

Jeroen Janssens
Jan 10, 2023 • 1 min read

I’m in the process of closing down my company Data Science Workshops—more on that later—and therefore don’t need its 16 domains names any more. They have served me well over the years and I hope to find a new owner who can put them to good use.

They are as follows:

  1. https://datascienceworkshops.com
  2. https://datascienceworkshops.nl
  3. https://datascienceworkshops.be
  4. https://datascienceworkshops.uk
  5. https://datascienceworkshops.de
  6. https://datascienceworkshops.eu
  7. https://datascienceworkshops.net
  8. https://datascienceworkshops.org
  9. https://datascienceworkshops.info
  10. https://datascienceworkshops.co.uk
  11. https://datascienceworkshop.com
  12. https://datascienceworkshop.nl
  13. https://datasciencework.shop
  14. https://data-science-workshop.nl
  15. https://data-science-workshops.com
  16. https://data-science-workshops.nl

If you’re interested in purchasing these domains please email me at jeroen@jeroenjanssens.com.

– Jeroen

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